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We show you what to do step-by-step when opening a new store

New Store Opening Guide

Store Location (Rent)

Location of Store

It is necessary to do massive research when choosing a store. A good store needs to have several key points:

Study on the quality of daily passenger flow. It is important to know local people, their tastes, culture, and consumption level. After the search, you will have a basic idea of the value of your community. A successful business sometimes is not necessarily in the rank-A area. If you understand well enough of your community and your passenger flow, some rank-B or rank-C areas might bring you a better business.

Size of Store

The size of a bubble tea shop varies. Some only sell drinks, while others sell pastries, snacks, appetizers, lunch boxes, and even full dining besides of drinks. It is necessary to consider what type of products you are selling before opening a business.

Information needs to know when opening a bubble tea store

First, go to the County Clerk to register for your store.

Secondly, apply for a business license from the City Business-License Department. This process might take one to four weeks.

For a new store, the store owner needs to sign some contracts. Before signing, please make sure to read all the contract information to avoid unnecessary problems. Moreover, it is necessary to apply for a planning review by the city government before starting the construction. Sometimes, a street hearing (Public Hearings) is required for the neighborhood, which allows you to start construction of the store.

Finally, to comply with local regulations (Local Regulation), most cities or counties require shopkeepers to apply for various licenses and permits. The most common licenses are Business License, Retail License (The Sellers Permit), Health-Department Permit, and Sign Permit. Only those who have applied for these permits can lawfully operate a business.


Store Rent

Store rent varies in size by different geographic locations. With a better understanding of the area, you have a better chance to get a more reasonable rent.

Store Decoration

The decoration of the bubble tea store is relatively simple, mainly depending on the overall style. According to different decoration styles and materials, the cost also varies. Some basic stuff is on a must-have list: a working bar, working bench, commercial kitchen. And if your store has a dining service, the store also needs a service bar, some leisure tables and chairs, seats, etc. Therefore, the total renovation cost can range from $10,000 to $100,000.

Inventory and Equipment Cost

Infrastructure includes gas and electric stove, refrigerator, ice maker, blender, sealer, etc.

The Cost of Hiring Staff

As the number of personnel needs is different, the cost will also change.

Licenses and Certifications-more than $750

Depending on your location and the products you sell, you may at least need to have a business license and a health permit. Visit the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) website to learn about licensing requirements in your state. It should cost you about $750 or more.

Liability Insurance

You will have to buy some basic insurance.

Logo Design, Signboard, and other Operational Costs

This part of costs may include everything from designing the logo to making the sign and printing business cards, flyers, etc.

Store Design

When preparing the store, you can start preparing the design before signing the contract with the landlord. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the accountant and the graphic designer to prepare the proper materials. When the floor plan, accounting-related materials are ready, it’s time to apply for a construction permit (Building Permit) from the local building and housing management department. It usually takes two to three months to wait for the government to answer. During the construction, the government will randomly come to inspect at least three times. After all the decorations are qualified, you will get a certificate of compliance issued by the government.

First, during the renovation process, find out a professional fire alarm company as soon as possible. It will take about four weeks for the installation and safety inspection afterward.

Secondly, contact the gas company to register an account and install a gas meter.

Finally, apply for Food Establishment Health Permit to the Health Bureau with the drawing. Mainly check whether your kitchen equipment is certified by the United States (NSF); whether the decoration materials of the kitchen and bathroom meet the sanitation standards. This process will be relatively long and usually takes more than two months to pass the review.


  • Create your own website
  • Use Facebook, Instagram, Yelp page for promotion and earn customer feedback
  • Consider serving the drink at city festivals, fairs, and other possible occasions
  • Make posters and flyers
  • Give free tasting
  • Be innovative to create seasonal drinks

Materials, Supplies and Machines

Required Equipment
  • A gas or an electric stove
  • Bar counter and working bench
  • Refrigerator and ice maker
  • Cup Sealing Machine
  • Cane Sugar Dispenser
  • Powder Dispenser
  • Shaker Machines
  • Blender
  • Commercial hot water boiler
  • Tools: shaker cups, measure cups, stirrer, powder scoop, topping strainer, tea filter
  • Tables, chairs, seating booth


To open a bubble tea store, you need to prepare some funds for the operation. Generally speaking, you may have to budget around $10,000-20,000 as your running cost to be on the safe side.

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