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Technically speaking, Mo’Cha is a boba tea ingredients supplier. We provide solutions for aspiring boba tea entrepreneurs who are looking to be gamechangers in the beverage scene.

Mo’Cha’s home will always be Taiwan, but we have offices and warehouses operating in the Brooklyn, New York area.

The Brewery is our premier training course designed to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to mix drinks and create unique experiences that set their brand apart.

The ingredients in our inventory are handpicked from homegrown producers—established tea plantations, traditional boba makers who use organic cassava, powders ground from their most natural base ingredients—all around Taiwan. We take pride in selecting great partners to provide consistently high-quality ingredients for you.

We hire top mixologists, tea brewers, and food scientists to help us pick out the perfect ingredients for our catalog. We make sure to procure ingredients from local Taiwanese cottage industries that believe in quality over quantity. This way, our lineup is already well-curated even before it reaches our shop and your home.

As of now, we only ship within the US. We’re working to expand our distribution beyond the US. Drop us an email and we’ll keep you updated about this!

We believe you should start a boba business not just to earn a second paycheck, but to experience the unique art of boba. It is beyond just mixing milk, tea, and pearls—it’s about creating memorable experiences that keep customers coming back.

Please see our Returns Policy for details.

We do! Drop us an email for details! Commitment is hard, but we can kind of “date” first with our sample packs.

Yes. We sell kits designed for home or office use and for people who just really like boba. Check them out here.