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About Us

We are bubble tea experts who listen to our customers' voice and provide you innovative experience. Our bubble tea spirit is that a good bubble tea can only be made with high-quality ingredients.

MoCha's Background

MoCha is proudly to be the most dedicated and professional bubble tea supplier in North America. Our most serious concern is quality and customer service. We have our warehouses and a professional research and development team. Also, and our products are being tested repeatedly. Also, we provide customized products for our customers with maximum competitive power. At the same time, we have established our warehouse in North America, and we are happy to lead a new entrepreneur to participate. We provide professional consulting services for business management, inventory management, product development, and personnel training. We offer professional one-to-one training to help you get on the road to success.

The Spirit of MoCha

MoCha has always listened to customers' voices. We understand what our customer wants, and we always help and give our customers innovative idea and product for their competitive strength. We have a bubble tea spirit that a good bubble tea can only be made with high-quality ingredients, which leads to a great brand to succeed.

MoCha’s Position

MoCha adheres to the tradition and continues to innovate, providing high-quality products, enhancing customer experience, and perfection in after-sales service. We always pursue to maintain the original intention of this core spirit, the spirit that makes the bubble tea industry better.

The Future of MoCha

In general marketing demand, MoCha has never stopped working hard to select the best ingredients for our customers. In the future, we will continue to work with our professional team and our customers to provide the best bubble tea product and strategic information for the best branding development.