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The beginning of a beautiful partnership.

We know you’re serious about being in the business of boba-otherwise, you wouldn’t even be here. We love working with people who are as passionate as we are about boba tea. Some folks around the world may “reinvent” what boba tea is, but the core remains the same. We like to stay true to that core—we just need someone crazy enough to create new boba experiences with.

Are you it?

Building the foundation.

Once known for being an after-school treat for kids, boba tea has grown from its roots in Taiwan to a full-on global trend, without any signs of stopping. So many takes on boba tea have popped up from different countries and new recipes are being invented everyday.

Despite this, we believe that innovation should not take over tradition—in fact, they go hand in hand. Mo’Cha offers boba tea ingredients curated by long-time tea brewers and expert mixologists, all providing a base upon which brand new boba tea experiences can be built.

Making what you need to create.

Tea leaves. Fresh tapioca. Curated flavor syrups. Farm-to-warehouse raw ingredients. Mo’Cha provides you with high-quality, traditionally-made ingredients for your drinks. Consult with our tea brewers and mixologists on how to best mix and match our products for your own brand.

Create experiences, not drinks.

North America’s most dedicated boba tea supplier.

We’ve set up our own shops in North America, and we’re happy to bring new players into the mix. We provide professional advice on business planning, inventory management, product R&D, and training. From one-on-one sessions to group lessons, we provide a full suite of services to help get your brand to where you want it to be.

Made like how it’s always been.

If you trace the origin of boba tea, it will undoubtedly go back to Taiwan—with tea grown from its mountains; cassava and sugar harvested from its farms.

It’s got a long history—one we like to stick to. All ingredients are made traditionally, by hand when it’s possible. We partner with local suppliers to curate and bring their handcrafted ingredients to your store.

More than what you need.

We’ve got the basics. We’ve got your extras. All we need is you.

Let’s start collaborating. Get in touch with our team of brewers and mixologists and find out exactly what you need.